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New Roots Siberian Ginseng, 90 Capsules

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Product Description

Siberian ginseng is a great immune booster and is regarded as a potent antistress nutrient. 



Each vegetable capsule contains:
Siberian ginseng extract (Eleutherococcus senticosus)
Contains 0.8% eleutherosides B and E
250 mg
Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) 235 mg


Suggested Use

Adults: Take 1 capsule twice daily or as directed by your health-care practitioner.


Detailed Description

Siberian ginseng is a member of the ginseng family, though it is of a different genus than other popular ginsengs such as the Panax variety. Herbalists call it an adaptogen. Its name comes from the Cantonese jên shên, which means “man root,” so-named because some roots have limb-like branches resembling arms and legs. Because the root has a human-like shape, it is considered by Orientals to be an overall body tonic.

The root is not harvested until it is two or more years old; the older the root, the higher its value. It is held in high esteem in China, where it has been valued for thousands of years, sometimes commanding a higher price than gold. Siberian ginseng is found in the Siberian province of Russia. Many adulterated forms of ginseng exist on the market. Siberian ginseng’s main actions are adaptogen, antitoxic, antiradiation, immunoprotective, and immunoregulatory.


For patients going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy, Siberian ginseng would be very useful. In cancer therapy, the immune defenses are weakened, and Siberian ginseng offers a better tolerance to such treatments. It is also possible that it may offer prophylaxis against the development of cancer.

In an alarming situation, the adrenal glands release corticosteroids and adrenaline, which prepare the organism for the fight or flight reaction. When these hormones are depleted, the organism reaches an exhaustive phase. Siberian ginseng delays the exhaustive phase and allows a more economical and efficient release of these hormones.

Siberian ginseng has immunoprotective effects against breast (mammary gland) carcinoma, stomach carcinoma, oral cavity carcinoma, skin melanoma, and ovarian carcinoma. It was found to have a pronounced effect on T lymphocytes, predominantly of the helper/inducer type, but also on cytotoxic and natural killer cells.


Eleutherans A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, a group of glycans, have hypoglycemic effects; therefore, Siberian ginseng could be used in diabetic formulations. Eleutherans A, B, C, D, E, F, and G reduced plasma sugar levels in experimental rats.

Siberian ginseng could be used under any circumstance where there is the need to normalize any physiological, biochemical or immunological defects.


Lignans (sesamine, eleutheroside D [di-beta-d-glycoside of syringaresinol]), polysaccharides (eleutherane A–G and eleutheroside C [ethyl-alpha-d-galactoside]), triterpene saponins (eleutherosides I, K, L, and M), steroid glycosides (eleutheroside A [glycoside of daucosterol]), hydroxycoumarins (isofraxidin), phenylacrylic acid derivatives (eleutheroside B [glycoside of syringin]), minerals (Ca, P, K, Mg, Na, Al, Ba, Fe, Sr, B, Cu, Zn, Mn, and Cr).

The pharmacokinetics of eleutheroside B show that it accumulates in the pituitary, adrenal glands, pancreatic nuclei, and spleen.

Caution should be exercised when used with other medications, since Siberian ginseng inhibits the drug metabolizing enzymes and may prevent the biotransformation of other medications to less toxic compounds.


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