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Trace Minerals Electro Vita Min, 180 Tablets

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Product Description

Vegetable formula
Certified Vegan – Gluten, Lactose, Soya and Peanut Free
Electro-Vita-Min is a complete supplement of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and other natural nutrients. Mineral and trace elements allow better assimilation of vitamins and other nutrients. Vegetable enzymes increase the bioavailability of nutrients; they also replace enzymes found in food but destroyed during cooking.

Electro-Vita-Min is recommended in case of fatigue, nutritional imbalance, flu, cold or convalescence, as well as for the maintenance of good health.

C - 20 mg (Ascorbic Acid);
Choline (B7) - 7 mg (Bitartrate);
B3 - 6 mg (Niacin) (Nicotinic Acid);
E - 5 mg AT (7.5 UI) (Soy Beans);
Pantothenic Acid (B5) - 3 mg (D-Pantothenic Acid);
Inositol - 2 mg;
B6 - 0.6 mg (Pyridoxine HCl);
B2 - 0.51 mg (Riboflavin);
B1 - 450 μg (Thiamine HCl);
A - 286 μg RAE (833 UI) (Palmitate);
Beta-carotene (A) - 131 μg RAE (473 UI) (Dunaliella Salina);
Biotin (B8) - 90.2 μg (Biotin);
B9 - 66.7 μg (Folate) (Folic Acid);
B12 - 2.1 μg (Cyanocobalamin);
D3 - 1.67 μg (66.7 UI) (Lanolin).
Calcium - 167 mg (Carbonate);
Potassium - 46.7 mg (Chloride & Citrate);
Selenium - 11.7 mg (HVP chelate (rice));
Zinc - 4.2 mg (Citrate & Succinate);
Iron - 3.3 mg (Ferrous Fumarate & HVP chelate (rice));
Manganese - 0.68 mg (HVP chelate (rice));
Copper - 330 μg (Gluconate);
Chromium - 21.6 μg (HVP chelate (rice)).

Alfalfa; Amylase; Ascophyllum nodosum; Bioflavonoids; Bromelain; Carnauba; Cellulase; Cellulose; Cherry; Chlorella vulgaris; Chlorophyll; Gaultheria procumbens; Glycerine; Hypromellose; Lipase; Magnesium Stearate; Magnesium chloride; Mentha Spicata; Mentha x piperita; Organic Wheatgrass; Papain; Para-aminobenzoic acid; 2-Propanol; Protease; Rose hips extract; Spirulina; Stearic Acid; Yellow Dock.

Take 2 to 6 tablets a day divided with meals. Take with food a few hours before or after taking other medications.

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