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AOR Citicoline, 60 Vegetable Capsules

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Product Description

  • Enhances memory in the elderly
  • Promotes phospholipid balance in the brain and enhances neurotransmitter production
  • Clinically studied in various cognitive disorders and cerebral injuries
  • Provides a source of choline along with added choline for enhanced acetylcholine production

Citicoline is cytidine diphosphate choline, or CDP-choline. The main component of Citicoline is its cytidine group, which is what Citicoline delivers to the brain. Rather than just supplying a single phospholipid, Citicoline boosts the brain’s balanced production of its own array of essential phospholipids, including phosphatidylserine (PS), phospatidylcholine (PC), phosphatidylinositol (PI) and phosphatidylethanolamine (PE). Phospholipids are fundamental in the synthesis of neurotransmitters and the proper functioning of neural cell membranes - both highly significant factors for healthy cognitive function.

Citicoline increases the production of key neurotransmitters, including acetylcholine, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin, all of which are essential for mood balance.

This product contains no other ingredients that are not listed on the label such as wheat, gluten, corn, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, sulphites, mustard, soy, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish or any animal byproducts. 

Nutrition Facts
Citicoline* 250 mg
Choline (bitartrate) 14 mg
*Cognizin is a registered trademark of Kyowa
Hakko Bio Co., Ltd.

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily with/without food, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.

Cautions: Consult a healthcare practitioner for use beyond three months.

Pregnancy/Breastfeeding: Do not use.

Source: Biofermentation

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