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Umac-Core Marine Phytoplankton, 180 Capsules

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Product Description

UMAC Core Marine Phytoplankton


Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton (CMP) is a unique nutrient-rich blend of marine phytoplankton species. CMP is harvested naturally from the pristine temperate coastal waters of the northwest Pacific Ocean. It contains a unique blend of phytonutrients and naturally balanced composition of sea minerals. These phytonutrients are essential plant-based nutrients that promote proper metabolic functions. Many of which exhibit promising effects in human physiology: general nutrition, cardiovascular, cholesterol, blood sugar, sleep, skin, neurological, vision, liver and energy.



UMAC-CORE is powerful because the extraction process combines the benefits of phytonutrients with a natural and balanced composition of sea minerals. Phytonutrients are natural plant-based chemicals that promote proper metabolic functions. Many of them exhibit potentially promising effects in human physiology:

  • Supports cellular health
  • Promotes energy and vitality
  • excellent source of micro-nutrients
  • immune system enhancement
  • antioxidant protection from cancers and degenerative diseases
  • cholesterol modulation
  • anti-inflammatory effects on membranes
  • blood pressure control
  • cell wall improvement through increased permeability and flexibility
  • detoxification through metal chelation.

The second component of UMAC-CORE’s unique profile is a suite of elements and electrolytes almost tailor-made for the human body. It’s no coincidence that the composition of human plasma is similar to that of seawater. We arose from the sea and our internal bodies reflects this. Over-reliance on land-based food sources often leads to deficiencies in micronutrients and trace elements. Our bodies need these elements to perform as nature intended. Left to its own devices, the human body has a marvelous system called homeostasis which keeps all systems in balance. Take away some critical component and the body experiences malfunctions that cause suboptimal performance. Too many malfunctions cause disease.

Each Capsule Contains:

UMAC (Marine Phytoplankton) powder extract

UMAC Concentrate.....25 mg

Brown Rice Flour......475 mg


Directions: Take 3 capsules per day

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