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NutriFarm Prenatal Care – Part 1

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NutriFarm Prenatal Care – Part 1

Prenatal care is one of the most fundamental aspects of preventative health care. Keeping up with practices like the maintenance of health, regular check-ups and a healthy lifestyle benefits both the mother and the child throughout the duration of a pregnancy.

At NutriFarm, we have a range of prenatal care options to ensure you are getting the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy pregnancy. The first edition of our series will include prenatal multivitamin options and Vitamin D supplements.

Without further ado, here are a few of our best pre-natal care products:


This multivitamin is designed to support the unique nutritional needs of women at all stages throughout pregnancy.

Its benefits include:

  • Reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Promotes immune-protective potential (for breastfeeding)
  • Supports proper development of the fetus’ brain, eyes, nerves and immune system
  • Decreases postpartum depression in women

This multi-vitamin is comprised of natural ingredients such as ginger and cranberry extract, whole food concentrates, Vitamin K1 and Folic Acid, DHA (an essential omega 3 fatty acid) and probiotics.


This comprehensive formula contains 24 vitamins, minerals and additional nutrients essential for proper fetal development. It promotes maternal health before, during and after pregnancy – particularly when it comes to breast-feeding.

It includes:

  • All eight members of the B-vitamin Complex – water soluble vitamins that are constantly in need to help with the formation of skin, bones, muscle, organs and the nervous system of the fetus.
  • Vitamin C, D3, E and K – all formulated in safe therapeutic levels for pregnancy
  • An additional 12 minerals including calcium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, boron, and potassium – made in a bioavailable citrate form.
  • Iron, zinc and chromium, selenium and potassium iodide –work together for essential thyroid development of the fetus.


Prenatal multivitamins help to reduce risks of neural tube defects, limb deformities, cardiovascular defects, cleft palate cases, urinary tract deformities and even some childhood cancers. SISU Supreme Multi Expecting proves a wide range of vitamins and minerals throughout all stages of pregnancy.

It contains:

  • A full complex of B vitamins at the correct dose – this balances stress levels and reduces nausea while simultaneously supporting the baby’s nervous system and brain development.
  • Folic acid that has been maximized to prevent certain neurological birth defects.
  • Trace minerals that help with rapid absorption.
  • A higher dose of iron to prevent anemia.
  • Vitamin A at a level that supports the immune system but doesn’t endanger the fetus.

Specific advantages are its convenience of two easy-to-swallow fast-absorption vegetarian capsules per day. They include vitamin D3 from lanolin, have been tested for potency and purity, and are NPN approved.

Vitamin D Supplements


Vitamin D protects us from a range of conditions such as seasonal and clinical depression and mood-related hormonal changes, it also protects against diabetes, obesity, certain cancers and MS. Mostly when taken, a person feels an immense difference to their health and happiness.

Vitamin D3 1000 IU Softgels in particular…

  • Help to strengthen bones (of the mother and child)
  • Come in easy-to-swallow softgel capsules
  • Are mixed with organic olive oil for better absorption


This is Canada’s first truly VEGAN Vitamin D3 that is sustainably sourced from non-GMO lichen – a plant like substance made up of symbiotic algae and fungi.

This product helps with:

  • Boosting moods – especially in months with less sun
  • Helping with seasonal affective disorder
  • Supplements vitamin C to fight infections and to promote general health

Remember, at NutriFarm, all our products are manufactured from all-natural ingredients (not synthetic)!

Stay tuned for our second edition that will feature our next two essential vitamins and minerals: Folic Acid and Omega 3 Fatty Acids! For now, check out our full range of prenatal multivitamins and Vitamin D sources.

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